MediTamburi is a show-concert imagined by the passion and the work of Paolo Cimmino, by his intense experience of percussive music lived as exchange-meeting-crossing the rhythms.

In the short and dilated time, which is that of performance, the ensemble leads the audience in a fascinating journey, sometimes oneiric, arm in arm with the drum.

The traditional musics of different peoples and cultures, expand and  merge, giving rise to a new form that escapes all definition of "genre" of music.

The frame drums of Southern Italy and the Mediterranean sound, alongside the typical Latin American rhythms.
African percussions communicate with the Indian ones and fuse through sophisticated melodies and powerfully evocative vocality.

MediTamburi Project











Members of the Ensemble:
Gabriele Borrelli
Latin American percussion and djembe.
Michele Maione darabuka, frame drums and midi sequences
Emidio Ausiello frame drums, cajon and wave drum.
Paolo Cimmino frame drums, voice and konnakol.


MediTamburi is an open project .... a chance to meet and exchange, an opportunity of growth and evolution for everybody.

The quartet has often performed in major festivals with valuable artists, both Italian and foreigner, including Francesco Villani, (Neapolitan pianist and composer) Ugo Rodolico, (drums), Antonio De Luise, (bassist) Giovanni Imparato, percussionist and schoolmaster of Youruba Music, Raquy Danziger (schoolmaster of Turkish Darabuka), Davide Cantarella (percussionist), Daniella Ganeva (marimba player and professor at RMC in London) and Alex Acuna, a very important international musician.


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MediTamburi at Le Corti dell'Arte

MediTamburi alla Corte dell'Arte


MediTamburi in concert











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